Discover The Frother Made For Healthy Drinkers

    You do a lot with your hands already, like home improvment and arts and crafts. Cleaning every time you cook shouldn't be another thing to worry about.
  • 600Watts of power 

  • Variable 6 Speeds, with 2 easy buttons for full/simple control

  • 12.2'' Stainless steel blender attachment

  • Easy to use attachments. Like the whisk, blender, and food processor. 

  • 1 Year Warranty

"We made our favorite soup right in the pot"

     If you're looking for a hand blender that will be easy to attach, then power through your morning smoothie, and almost eliminate any cleaning, then this will be the most interest thing you read today.

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee 

Like what you've seen in 


BetterWay Immersion Blender

- 600 Watts for Powerful Blending
-Stainless steel blender attachment. 
- Many functional attachments
-Variable speed controls
- x" long chord for free movement

Other Blenders

-Usually, around 200 watts
-Plastic blending attachments
-Just the blender
- No speed controls.
- A constricting x" long, on average

Frequently Asked Questions

CWhat is the voltage rating

110-240 Volts is the range. This makes it suitable for the US standard of 120 V.

Are the batteries easy to insert?

Of course! Just twist the lid off and take out the battery holder for 3 AA batteries. Plop the batteries in, and put it back in. Simple. Easy. No stress!

How long will it take to froth my milk?

With 19000 rpm, frothing takes around 15-20 seconds. Super fast! 

We like to make healthy foods that taste great, everyday. But that takes a lot of time. Now, with a press of a button, preparing these foods is simple and quick. Because of the 12.2cm long stainless steel shaft, and blade design, you can put our blender in a boiling pot of soup... then, press the button and have perfectly blended soup in no time. 

Now you don't have to pull out a bunch of dishes and a blending machine to eat right. It's all done, right there... in one place. Or emulsify your organic dressing recipe with ease. Or even prep your keto coffee without a mess. This can save a lot of time cooking, so you can spend more time eating.

But, even while your cooking, there won't be any stress. Only freedom and control. What we mean is, the xx'' very long chord lets you move around freely... and the 6 speeds gives you control over how much power you want. And if you want a bit more power, press the turbo button. Now, there won't be any chunks for sure.

We thought of clean up with our design. Because a mess is annoying. So you'll like our anti splash guard that reduces messes. You'll also love our easy to use, easy to clean, attachments that are all dishwasher safe. So you can maintain your purchase for a long time. Now, you can spend more time on your next home project, o reading your favorite book. 

And with our 1 year warranty, you're guaranteed to save money making your great meals *at home*.

1 Milk Frother


  • 1 BetterWay Frother
  • 1 Single Spring Whisk 
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1FREE Double Spring Whisk 

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee 


Best Deal!

ONLY $14.98 Each

A $60 VALUE FOR ONLY $44.95

  • 3 BetterWay Frothers
  • 3 Single Spring Whisks
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 FREE Double Spring Whisks 

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee 


 $19.98 Each

  • 2 BetterWay Frothers
  • 2 Single Spring Whisks
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 FREE Double Spring Whisks 

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee 

About Us

     We are a small group of cooks and innovators based in Atlanta, Georgia. A home for culture and style: in food and people. With home made cornbread and fine lattes. We look to pass that style onto our customers. We give great customer support because that's how things go here. Treat people well. No less. 

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